Use it up, Wear it out, Make it do or do without!

A few years ago my wife got me a tshirt with that slogan on it and it really expressed a lot about who I am. My parents went through the Great Depression and raised their nine children like they were still in a state of lack. Nothing was ever thrown away, it was just used up. If you didn’t have what you wanted you made do with what you had.

Because kids grow so fast, we got a new pair of shoes every year. Mom would trace out feet on a piece of paper and dad would buy the shoes when he was in town.

By all means, don’t feel sorry for us, because we had a great life. Neighbors were miles away and our classes at school usually had 5 to 10 kids in them. All twelve grades of school had a total of 125 students.

Table scraps were fed to the dogs. What the dogs wouldn’t eat went to the hogs or chickens. We didn’t make any unnecessary trips into town…, you get the picture. Last year, when I was cutting firewood, I ran out of bar oil. The saw souldn’t go without oil so I went to the kitchen and found some used vegetable oil that had been used for French Fries. I opened up the old chainsaw and poured it in. Well, it smelled pretty good and the chain didn’t get hot. Best of all, I had also saved a trip into town.

Fast forward to today when I needed the chainsaw for a very unorthodox repair on a door (that’s another story). I noticed that the motor couldn’t move the chain. As I checked the tension on the chain, I realized that it was very sticky. That’s when I remembered the cooking oil incident. Believe me, when vegetable oil dries up it’s as sticky as glue.

Lesson learned. If you use vegetable oil in your chainsaw (which I don’t recommend), clean it out right away or you will spend at least half an hour degumming your saw.