Splitting Kindling

If you have ever split kindling, you know it can be tedious and dangerous for the fingers. Here’s a dvice my wife gave me as a gift and I really enjoy using it. In the past, I have used axes machetes, and hatchets to split kindling but it is always difficult to get the wood to sit upright and hit it at the same time especially when it gets smaller. I love my fingers and want to keep all of them!!! This tool has the advantage that the blade is fixed and doesn’t move. A light tap on the wood secures it on the blade then a sharp blow with a wooden maul finishes the job. I prefer the wooden maul to a metal hammer as you don’t have to worry about metal hitting metal causing damage. I made the maul on a shave horse that I built in another video.

If you heat with wood, this will make splitting kindling safe even for a beginning. It’s not a common tool so here’s the link.