I love gardening and all thre concepts that make it work. Butterflies, bees and other insects are pollinators and a big part of having a successful garden. Butterflies approach a flower to get nectar and in the process get pollen all over their feet. When they go to another flower they shake off some of that pollen and pick up new pollen. When the right pollen gets to a plant, it causes seeds to develop and we then have a good harvest.

God has a garden. People are His plants. The blessings of God are like pollen. For people to understand the goodness of God, they need to see and lhear about all the blessings that God has poured out on his children (some of which could be called His pollinators), As Christians we have all witnessed and received the blessings of God. We are so blessed that we should go around letting everyone know of the blessings that God is pouring on us. As we do that, these blessings will fertilize the seeds in other people causing them to grow and become pollinators too.

I am eternally grateful for those who pollinated my life by sharing the good news of God. It certainly changed my life for the better. I love to lhear the stories of how God intervenes in hopeless, depression filled situations and makes a way for happiness.

If you are enjoying reading the words of encouragement that Pastor Bill has written, here is a link to a book he wrote.


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