Naked turkeys

My father in law was raised around the time of the great depression when you were careful not to waste anything. He and his cousin were out exploring in the woods one Sunday afternoon while everyone else was taking a nap. They happened upon a moonshine still and saw a big pile of spent corn that had been discarded after making a batch of hooch.

Not wanting it to be wasted, they went back to the house and returned with the donkey cart. They felt so good about themselves because now the turkeys had plenty of corn to eat. An hour later, everyone began to get up from the nap and someone noticed that all the turkeys were dead. Of course these boys weren’t going to say anything that might get them in trouble. It was a tragedy! No one wanted to eat the turkeys because they may have been poisoned or have some disease.

Someone suggested that at least they could save the feathers for pillows. Not long after the last feather was plucked, those drunk turkeys began to wake up just to find out how cold it is when you are NAKED!!!