Did you know that only female mosquitoes bite? The males apparently are vegetarians and only drink plant juices but the females need a blood meal to produce eggs. Another interesting fact is that mosquitoes rarely travel more than 500 feet from where they are hatched.

It is the beginning of bow hunting season in South Georgia. We have gotten rain almost every day for the last two weeks. It has been quite warm as well. That is why I want to wear shorts every day. 90 degree temperatures and nearly 100 percent humidity completely eliminates long pants. I slog through the puddles wearing my crocks because it doesn’t matter if they get wet.

When I get to the garden, I look up and down the plantings to see what is new. I pick a couple of tomatoes and a gallon container of white acre peas.

It is as though I am offering my legs as bait for mosquitoes. I have to constantly look down at my legs to see how many mosquitoes have lit. Often I can kill 3 or 4 with one slap. After a minute or so, it seems that I have killed all of the ones in that immediate area so I move on and sure enough more come out of the bushes to attack my legs. Before I can finish picking the pole beans, my legs have dozens of blood spots to verify actual kill zones for mosquitoes.

It rained really hard this afternoon. As I came near the creek I could see that it has come up and out of it’s banks. 3 inches of rain raised the water level in the creek by about 3 feet. Water is rushing in a torrent over the road forming a row of white foam along the concrete railing it has covered.

I’m on the way to my deer stand and water is everywhere. One hand carries my bow and the other one is swatting mosquitoes. Being the macho man that I am I didn’t use the special cream my wife uses for mosquitoes. Of course she really has to have that cream because they really love her. Right now I wish I had some of that cream. Two days ago I used it while setting up a climbing deer stand and not a single mosquito lit on me even though they were flying all around. With mosquitoes this bad there is no reason to even get in a stand because with all that swatting you will l never see a deer so I head back home.

This stuff is not even made to repel mosquitoes, it is actually a cream for babies made by Johnson and Johnson. My wife says it is hard to find, even at the stores that claim to have it, but here’s a link for those of you who need a nice smelling cream that REALLY works. No DEET and no citronella. The three pack is a much better deal than the single tube.