Mini Split Off the Grid

Several people have asked me about setting up a mini split off grid so here’s my story. This is a 24,000 BTU Pioneer inverter mini split. It runs on 220 volts and draws 15.5 amps. Pioneer makes a model that runs on 110 volts for smaller spaces and it would be more friendly for off grid.

This is the outside unit sitting on concrete paving stones

The inside unit mounted over an entrance

Inside mini split

I have 24-300 watt solar panels in a 48 volt array. The power is collected here and sent to the batteries

Solar Panels

There are 8-200 amp LiFePO4 batteries (Lithium Iron Posphate)


From the batteries the power goes to an inverter which changes it from direct current to alternating current which is what we normally use in homes.


From the inverter the power goes to the breaker box which every normal home has.

Breaker Box

I ordered my mini splilt off the internet and I installed it myself. I had to buy a vacuum pump and a set of gauges for the correct kind of Freon. I carefully read and followed all the instructions since I had never done this before. I did end up having a small leak but and AC guy put a can of stop leak in which fixed it. My wife is very happy with the mini split! I hope this answers some of your questions.

Below is a link to the mini split that I purchased.

This is the mini split my brother in law just purchased. He said that their customer service was great.

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  1. An awesome way to complete your life to take such a challenge to life off the grid.
    No doubt an amazing achievement.
    You proved it can be done.

    Congratulations is not sufficient for the hard work and knowledge you have collected. Know you feel joy and satisfaction for the purpose to share with others.

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