Love that Leather

Don’t you love it when you’re walking in the mall and suddenly you smell the smell of leather and even though you didn’t see the sign you know that there is a leather shop somewhere.nearby. Not only do I love the smell of leather I love the feel of leather and I love the durability of leather.

There are so many things to like about leather but there’s one thing that a hunter should realize about leather and that is the smell of leather. If I can smell leather when I walk by a shop, and a deer has a nose that’s 1000 times better than mine, surely they could smell lmy leather belt from a long distance. When I think about it, I have not only a leather belt but I have leather shoes, I have a leather strap on my gun and I have a leather sheath for my knife. All that leather leaves a lot of odor in the woods.

So, when you go hunting think about what you wear. I have heard for years that rubber boots do not leave a scent trail. There are other materials that can replace belts, shoes and straps. Trying some of these might help a little bit to control the smells that we give off in the woods.