Looking for God

The atheist looks over all the world and never finds God. That’s because he is looking with physical eyes. Just like you can’t taste a watermelon with your ears, you can’t see a spiritual being with human eyesight. His fingerprints are all over the earth because He made it. Once you know God, you can see Him in a sunrise, or in a bird that can fly. Flowers, mountains, and the whitetail deer all show His handiwork but you can’t see Him.

That’s the original, unique design. The Bible plainly teaches that no man has ever seen God. I am not surprised that searwchers get disappointed when they can’t find what eludes their quest. Disappointment breeds contempt and soon bitterness causes them to believe that if they couldn’t find it, then it must not exist.

When challenged about this idea, a defensive wall is built to protect their own self esteem. Eventually a whole arsenal of anolalies are groomed into a package of belief that says there is no God! After all how can a good God let bad things happen to good people? So, there must be no God.

The God I have found is so complex He can’t be put in a man made box. He is so wonderful He cannot be contained in any earthly image. His attributes are amazingly beyond “wordly description”. (I think I just coined a new word.) That just goes to say there is no way to describe God. He must be experienced with the heart. That innermost part of us that we protect from the ravages of the world.

When you ask God to come into that most privage part of you, He will reveal Himself to you. No longer do you need proof of God, because you know Him. I wish everyone could know the exhilaration of a personal relationship with their creator. He gives hope to the hopeless and peace beyond comprehension.

I have known Him for the majority of my life and to be honest there are still time I don’t understand why these circumstances are staring me in the face. Often I have to get quiet, clear my mind and trust Him. His ways are higher than our ways. He knows the end from the beginning. I yield myself to Him and I know He exists.