Inverters from China

Almost all of the inverters on the market are made in China. Unless they have a representative in the country you live in, it is very difficult to get warranty work done on them. I have been struggling with this issue for several months. When we are asleep, they are awake and working. When we are awake, they are asleep. Therefore, the most communication usually consists of one email per day and that one is usually from someone who isn’t able to understand technical details.

Another huge issue is that if they send you a part from China, it takes 30-50 days. If your power is down, that’s a long time.

The third issue is if they do send you a new part, it is up to you to install it yourself. I have installed power boards, control boards, Mppt controllers and transformers on 10kw and 12 kw inverters. There are a lot of electrical connections in one of those babies and for a non-electrical person it is very intimidating. So far, I’ve been able to make them work by God’s grace. If you are planning to purchase an inverter, find out where it is made and if there is technical support available near you. In my experience, almost all inverters are manufactured in China so you will probably run into these same issues. A warranty to me means that a company will repair or replace a faulty unit. How much is that warranty worth if you have to make repaires yourself???

Be prepared to have backup so if it takes a long time to repair, you can still generate power. Also, be willing to learn how to repair complex electrical problems. Carefully consider your options because this is a major purchase.