Pastor Bill
Pastor Bill

Who can go off the grid? I was a country boy. My wife was a city girl. I have a chemistry degree fro UGA, worked in pharmaceutical sales for 8 years and pastored for 30+ years. Does that sound like someone who would go off grid? We are not radicals and not really preppers (although the current situation is making us rethink that). Going off grid has more to do with mindset, the feeling of freedom, and the accomplishment of “I did it myself!”

Going off grid is a challenge at best. I have a pioneer spirit. I think that most of the time if others can do something, I can too. I am intrigued by a simpler life, by the early settlers that eeked out a living in harsh conditions, without all the modern conveniences. If you are reading this you probably relate to these feelings. I’m going on an off the grid adventure. Want to join me?

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Here is a magazine that we have really enjoyed since going off grid. In each issue you will find articles on homesteading, recipes, gardening, etc. Click on the link to find out more. Don’t worry, clicking on the link doesn’t automatically order the magazine for you. I just gives more info.

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