I used to have faith in the main stream media. That has been gone for years. The new media is so politicized now that they only cover what they want you to hear. Often they report the exact opposite of what is really happening. Since I no longer believe what they say, I don’t have faith in them.

I used to have faith in government. I thought at the least the government would do the right thing. We elect candidates to represent us and to be our voice in Washington. Too often that is not the case. Lobbyists and special interest groups get to them and the money, power, sex, or whatever other bribe they offer steals away their vote. I no longer have faith in the government.

I lost faith in advertising at a very young age. When I was about 8 years old, I saw an ad on TV for a “dummy doll” called Howdy Doody like ventriloquists use. It cost me all my savings but I was really excited and ordered it. When it came in I opened the box and found a plastic blowup toy with red and blue lines printed on it. To say disappointed was an understatement! I was devastated and angry. I could not believe anyone could mislead another human being so badly. That was the last thing I ordered from a TV ad.

When I was 24 year old, I put my faith in God and He changed my life. I know I can trust Him. It’s just the people He created that concerns me. You see He gave them free will and some of them make really bad choices. I know there are lots of really good people out there who waand praynt to do right things. I also believe they are looking for other honest people to interact with. I hope and pray that this website can be a place where we can meet and share. If you feel the same way, Like and subscribe. I have a lot of ideas to shaare and I love to learn from other’s experiences.

I am building a homestead and living off the grid in 6 shipping containers that we have fashioned into a comfortable home. Come join us, I believe it’ll be a memorable journey.