Cutting Firewood


Something just doesn’t seem right when it is 90 something degrees out and you have to cut firewood. Some of you have been there. You know if it isn’t cut months before you need it, the wood won’t be dry enough to burn well. I’ve been cutting some off and one for a while. I have three chainsaws. The biggest on is a Husqvarna Rancher gas powered. The second one is a Stihl limbing saw. The final one is a Ryobi 40 Volt electric.

When cordless hand tools first came out I didn’t think too much of them because the batteries didn’t last long and power was lacking. A lot has changed since then. I actually got this 40 volt saw for Father’s Day. I have cut up 6 or 8 oak trees with it and have been amazed at how fast it cuts and how long the batteries last.

Of course, if you plan to be cutting big trees or cutting wood for several hours you will need to use the gas powered saws. That being said, if the job is only 30 minutes and the trees only medium sized, I prefer the electric for 2 reasons. First I hate pulling on a seldom used chainsaw for 15 minutes. The second reason is that I can recharge the electric one with my solar cells without having to buy gas.

Here is a short video showing how well this saw cuts.

I know it looks like I’m about to cut my foot off but that is the camera angle.

Below is a link to help find this saw