Buyer Beware of Sungold products!

Sungold inverter

I bought a Sungold 10 kilowatt inverter on July 2nd. It arrived on October 4th! I installed it in just a couple of days and started using it. An error light came on and I couldn’t figure our why. The setting for fault codes to display is not even discussed in the owners manual. I’m sure it is something simple like a setting so I called Sungold to see if they could walk me through the fault codes. They wouldn’t even talk to me because I bought it on Amazon! It has a 2 year warranty but what good is that if the company won’t even talk to you? Amazon is not at fault here but they are willing to help me out. I’m writing this to help others out there from making the same mistake. Customer service on a $2500 piece of equipment is important. They should at least speak with me for a simple problem. I hope this saves someone from having the same headaches.