Allergic to deodorant?

I’m allergic to deodorant-what do I do???

A wise man once told me that he would never use antiperspirants because they contain aluminum which may be linked to Alzheimer’s disease. He said that Milk of Magnesium works very well as a deodorant and if it is absorbed through the skin, the magnesium is good for the brain and has many other healthy benefits. I was very skeptical at first but after a week of no stink, I thought this might work. That was several years ago and it hasn’t let me down yet.

When I first used it I just splashed it on with my fingers but that gets kind of messy so here is how to make a roll on out of it.

First take a squeezable roll on bottle. The roller ball is difficult to get out without damaging it. If you try to pry it out with a knife or screwdriver, you will most likely ruin the bottle. Here is the trick. Since a liquid is not compressible, you can “pop” the roller ball out by submerging the empty bottle in water and squeezing it to express the air. While keeping it under water release the pressure so it sucks in water. Repeat this step until the bottle is completely filled with liquid. Next lay the full bottle on a hard surface and give it a very firm Karate chop. Liquid will fly everywhere when the ball pops out so make sure you do this outside or at least over a sink.

Now all you have to do is rinse out the container and fill it with original flavor milk of magnesium (not the flavored stuff). Press the ball back into the socket with the heel of your hand. It is ready to use. In my experience, it will keep you odor free without causing a rash. I have known several people who are allergic to deodorant but are not allergic to Milk of Magnesium.

There are several additional benefits.

First, it is cheaper!!

Second, it is scent free. This is especially good if you are a hunter.

Third, magnesium is essential for good brain and body health.

Below are two links. One to show you the milk of magnesia needed for the deodorant. The other is a video showing how to make the deodorant.