50 Years is a Long Time

This week my wife and I celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary. It was all done off grid. We have been living off grid less than two years now. Our guests for the celebration came from Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida. 40 guests braved dirt roads, crossing creeks and getting lost just to come to a little place where we enjoy our lives in peace and quiet. I think most of them came so that they could see where we really lived and how we had accomplished what we have in less than two years. Most of them had seen pictures but really could not believe that my wife, a city girl, would move into the middle of the wilderness to live.

This was such a diverse group of people from sophisticated to redneck, some were young and some were old. They covered a wide range of time and places. Some were from our childhood and some more recent friends, but all of them had a good time talking and sharing stories.

A few people think that we are crazy, and a lot of people are quite honestly envious. Many people that I’ve talked to, especially men, have told me that what we are doing is their life’s dream.

I enjoy being with the love of my life day in and day out, doing the things we enjoy doing and no one to answer to but God and ourselves. Looking at us from the outside it seems like a really free lifestyle and in a way it is. In another way, its like owning your own business and being your own boss, you have no one else to answer to, but you still have to answer to yourself.

If any of you are serious about going off grid and want to talk about it, please contact us. We can chat and possibly encouage one another. We have over 50 years of love coming from the wilderness!